Now that your ears are open to these new intervals, it’s time to venture beyond the quarter-step. The exercises on this page use widening intervals, alternating between familiar intervals and the newer quarter-step intervals.

All the exercises below can be practiced in a variety of ways. I recommend varying the tempo (starting at ♩=50 or slower), the string on which you play the exercise, and the style of bow stroke.

Exercise 4 – click to expand »

Exercise 4 starts in 12 position but then stays in 1st position after the first measure.

Exercise 5 – click to expand »

Exercise 5 has you shifting directly to 14-tones.

Exercise 6 – click to expand »

This exercise has you moving through two quartertone notes before landing on a familiar note. The repetitive alternation between the outer notes is meant to help orient your ears and hand position.



For yet more practice, try Quartertones: Thumb Position

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